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Copper Hammered Handi with Lid - 3 SizesCopper Hammered Handi with Lid - 3 Sizes
Copper Hammered Oval Dish (3 Sizes)Copper Hammered Oval Dish (3 Sizes)
Copper Hammered Tava (3 Sizes)Copper Hammered Tava (3 Sizes)
Copper Hammered Bucket (2 Sizes)Copper Hammered Bucket (2 Sizes)
Copper Hammered Thali SetCopper Hammered Thali Set
Copper Hammered SigdiCopper Hammered Sigdi
Stainless Steel Kadai for Serving (3 Sizes)Stainless Steel Kadai for Serving (3 Sizes)
Stainless Steel Round Tawa (5 Sizes)
Copper Chafing Dish (8 Qt)

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